Welcome to LE CARNET By AMIEG Inc. – Home of FRANCE’s Original Company!

The LeCarnet.net  website is owned and operated by AMIEG Inc., which was started in UK, by a small group who believed that the vast power of the Internet would eventually revolutionize the way that people bought and sold real estate in FRANCE, and the world. Today, the website features hundreds of new up-to-date real estate listings every month from private sellers throughout FRANCE, many who are also using the AMIEG websites posting service provided through this website.

LE CARNET By AMIEG INC. is not a full service real estate agency. We are the original & true LE CARNET By AMIEG company, AND we also list private sellers’ properties on the AMIEG® Groupe System through a network of exclusive Canadian Real Estate Brokerages. This is all accomplished using our propitiatory online format that is user-friendly, allowing buyers and sellers to come together to buy and sell real estate throughout FRANCE, and the whole world without any restrictions.

If you are looking to sell privately, check out the Seller info page for helpful information regarding our flat fee posting options.

Since its original launch in 2015, LeCarnet.net  has assisted thousands of Canadians through the process of buying and selling hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate property.

We also feature home builders, banks, mortgage companies, lawyers, and other real estate related businesses throughout the site. This gives our users access to relevant services while they are using our website. If you are thinking of selling on your own you will most likely require some of the services we are showcasing here. Our goal is simple – we want to provide you with valuable resources that will help you buy or sell your next property more successfully.

LE CARNET By AMIEG INC. website assists independent sellers by increasing their exposure from a local market to a nation-wide market, with the potential of a worldwide audience as well. Each property listed here has an equal chance of being sold, as long as it is priced properly and has been adequately prepared for the sale. Truth be told, the ability to independently market real estate property has been dramatically enhanced with the explosion of the internet into most Canadian households and businesses. There has never been a better time to sell privately, and For Sale By Owner Inc. is definitely the place you want to be online! In many markets throughout FRANCE, a growing percentage of homeowners are now marketing their home as “LE CARNET By AMIEG INC."

The For Sale By Owner Inc. website is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Potential buyers can get contact information or leave a message on the site for you through emails that we direct to you, or by telephone using your contact information. You can help by leaving a message on your answering machine that tells interested buyers about your virtual show home. Be sure to mention the web address www.LeCarnet.net  and your Listing ID. This way, even when you are not home, individuals will be able to visit our site and preview your property.

Prospective buyers who are not local to the area rarely have the time to contact owners directly in person due to travel constraints. LE CARNET By AMIEG INC. website will allow anyone to view your home through pictures, video, sound files, text and graphics, from the comfort of their own home or office. They can narrow down their selections by using LeCarnet.net  and then contact the seller from anywhere in the country, or even the world.

Now, with the ability to post your property on the AMIEG websites through LeCarnet.net , you have all the tools you need to sell your home quickly, and much more cost effectively.

Take advantage of your online listing by clicking  here to get started today!

Good luck selling your home!